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Where do tickets on the Axis Events website come from?

All tickets offered for sale on are listed by professional ticket resellers as well as pre-screened individual sellers. These two groups of sellers define what is commonly referred to as the “secondary market.” Axis Events operates within this secondary ticket market. Within the secondary market ticket prices and availability constantly change based on the supply and demand meaning ticket prices may be available above or below the printed “face value” on the tickets. Therefore, tickets are subject to availability. Once ticket purchases are confirmed, our Buyer Guarantee goes into effect.

How can I be sure that the ticket I purchase is authentic?

AXIS Events stands behind every ticket purchase. Our reputation as an exceptional ticket-provider is built on our reliability to deliver the right tickets every time. We do our due diligence to ensure that your ticket is authentic so that you can simply enjoy your event.

How will I get my tickets?

Typically AXIS Events will ship your tickets to you via FedEx. In cases where expedited deliver is required, your tickets may be delivered to you by courier, email, or to Will Call. If the tickets have not yet been issued at the time of order, we will ship them to you as soon as we are in possession of the tickets. At checkout, you will have several shipping options to accommodate your specific requirements.

Will I be able to purchase tickets for seats that are together?

Yes, you will usually be able to find consecutive seating. (Please note that seats are sometimes numbered even or odd so that consecutive seats may be numbered 1, 3, 5, etc. or 2, 4, 6, etc.)

What happens if my event is cancelled?

If your event is cancelled, you are entitled to a full refund of your ticket price.

What happens if my event is postponed?

If your event is postponed for another date, you will be issued tickets for the new date. Unfortunately, if you are unable to attend the rescheduled event, we are not able to refund the ticket price.

How long will it take to get my tickets?

Tickets will be shipped to you as soon as possible after your order is placed. (Please note that tickets ordered far in advance of the event may not have been printed yet at the time of purchase. In this case, we will send the tickets as soon as they are delivered to us.) We are dedicated to making sure that you receive your tickets in time to attend your event. If you need to receive your tickets by a certain date, you should choose an adequate shipping option to accommodate your needs.

Is shipping included in the price?

No, shipping costs will be added to your order when you check out. In some circumstances, you will be able to choose between available shipping options.

Can tickets be shipped internationally?

Yes, tickets can usually be shipped internationally. Cost and delivery times will necessarily be affected by choosing to ship internationally.

If my tickets are lost or stolen, can I get a replacement?

No, replacement tickets cannot be reissued. Once you receive your tickets, you are responsible for holding onto them. Your tickets are valuable and should be treated like cash.

Can I cancel my order after it has been confirmed?

No, once your order has been confirmed, you may not cancel it.

Can I check the status of my order?

If you have an account, you can check the status of your order. However, if you purchased your tickets as a guest (without setting up an account), you will not be able to check your order status.

Why is the price listed on the website different than the face value of the ticket?

Price may differ from the face value of the ticket because the price is determined by its market value and not by the issued price. This means that the cost may be more than the face value (when the ticket is in high demand) or less than the face value (when there is less demand for that particular ticket).

What if my event is today?

In the case of a ticket purchased on the same day as the event, AXIS Events has several ways to ensure that the ticket is delivered to you in time. Depending on the circumstances, we can email you a ticket, deliver it by courier, or have it waiting for you at the box office.

The Axis Events Guarantee

  • Your transaction will be safe and secure
  • You will be treated in a courteous and professional manner
  • You will have the opportunity to add any accompanying hospitality services you require
  • The tickets you receive will be authentic and will match your order
  • You will receive your tickets in time for the event.
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