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Do you have tickets to sell? That’s great because AXIS Events is always looking for tickets to buy. Just complete the Tickets to Sell form and we will contact you soon. With AXIS Events it is simple, easy, and always secure. Complete the form below to sell your tickets and we will be in touch with a fair and competitive offer.

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To offer your tickets for sale, please complete and submit the form below. Be sure to include all of the relevant event information, including location & date. The section, row, seat numbers and desired price are required for us to make an offer to buy. Once you have submitted this form, an Axis Events Representative will contact you within two business days if there is interest in acquiring your tickets. You may also call us at 317.979.4861.

We respect your privacy, and take great care to safeguard information in our possession. Axis Events does not provide this information (including email address) for use by any third parties, except to the extent necessary to complete this transaction.

The Axis Events Guarantee

  • Your transaction will be safe and secure
  • You will be treated in a courteous and professional manner
  • You will have the opportunity to add any accompanying hospitality services you require
  • The tickets you receive will be authentic and will match your order
  • You will receive your tickets in time for the event.
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If you know an event that your friends or family would like to see you can give them the experience of a lifetime! Axis Events carries a huge selection of tickets to sports, concert, and theater events nationwide or around the world -- there's sure to be something for everyone on your list.